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Executive Career Coaching and Career Consulting Services based in Dubai

Executive Coaching is designed for experienced professionals at management roles seeking personal coaching to help them gain better clarity on their personal goals as well as organization’s business goals.

  • Executive Coaching and Consulting can help you:
  • Realise your Leadership Potential to Accelerate your Career Growth
  • Build your on Personal Brand and Executive Presence
  • Gain Clear Sense of Purpose to Build an Effective Career and Personal Development Plan
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence and Enhance Soft Skills like Influence & Persuasion, Negotiation and Handing Difficult Conversations
  • Gain Better Clarity and fresh Perspective on Your Goals, Values and Priorities.
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    Aina Raj is an internationally accredited and experienced coach who holds ACC certification from the prestigious International Coach Federation, USA. With more than 200 hours of formal coaching, she has experience working with clients in UAE, KSA, Kuwait, UK, USA and India. With over 8 years of experience in a corporate role, she specializes in Executive Coaching for experienced working professionals.

    As an Executive Career Coach and Life Coach Aina offers expert executive coaching in Dubai, UAE and online career counselling services across Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.

    Why Hire an Executive Career Coach?

    Executive Coaching brings a paradigm shift in your perspective. From a microscopic view of problems to be solved to a helicopter view of the bigger picture, coaching has the power to change the way you approach life. With this new shift in perspective and a focussed growth mindset, you will be able motivate yourself and inspire your team to constantly strive for excellence.

    If you have been busy chasing your ambitious career with little time to rethink your vision and priorities, Executive Coaching is the best way to give yourself some time to become more self aware, realign your career and personal priorites and values to live a more meaningful, purpose driven life.

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    Executive Coaching Benefits

    Greater Clarity & Sense of Purpose

    Action Plan to Achieve Realistic Goals

    Improved Productivity

    Enhanced Self Awareness

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