Is Coaching for you

First of all, What is Coaching?

The term coaching seems too fancy because we often read about personal coaches for athletes and Hollywood celebrities. Coaching is a $1 billion industry in the U.S. Most individuals looking for some motivation in improving career, life, relationships, health and lifestyle and are willing to invest in personal growth seek coaching.

In India, coaching is still in its nascent stages but picking up quite well due to the awareness among millennials. Earlier coaching used to be targeted at Senior Executives specifically leadership coaching or business coaching. These were mostly company sponsored. Some companies mandatorily impose executive coaching on leaders before their transition to a new role.

Today things are changing for good. Aspiring millennials have started realizing that coaching needs to be started in the earlier phase of your career, gradually seeking clarity on what to focus on and where you want to head next. .

Coaching provides an opportunity to discover who you really are and what makes you tick and a thinking platform to identify your priorities, strengths and weaknesses.

A coach is someone who creates a safe and trustworthy place for you to comfortably open up your vulnerabilities and weaknesses, aspirations and goals without passing any judgments.

My Experience in Life Coaching

The first time I took a life coaching session, I decided to make amends to a long forgotten friendship dated 10 years back. I never realized that it was something that was occupying a significant space in my heart and I cannot express how much lighter I felt after making a phone call to this long lost friend. That is what coaching does to you. It will reveal yourself to you, things you have been avoiding, not confronting and ignoring.

After every session, I felt that it was revealing more about me to myself. It gave me the clarity to prioritize what matters and let go what is not worth. It taught me to not go too hard on myself, and an unflinching belief that if I keep doing what I need to I will get where I want to, sooner or later.

I soon learned that coaching is undervalued and not given enough credit for wonders it can do. I could inspire and motivate so many lives if I get trained myself. Read my full story here

So is coaching for you?

Yes, if you want to invest in yourself for long term success and lasting happiness. Yes if you are looking for more clarity in life, ways to make better and quicker decisions, and find long term solutions to complex problems in life.

Coaching typically focusses on what and how.. That is what is your goal and how to achieve it. It does not dwell into the why’s of life. Why did something happen this way? Instead of dwelling the past, it encourages you to move forward.

In short coaching is for anyone who is committed to doing something about their life to carve their future the way they want.

If you are looking for answers and not advice, coaching is for you. Coaching puts you through a thought-provoking Q&A session, revealing to your answers to many questions you were looking for and many others you weren’t aware of.

Coaching is totally different from therapy, counseling et al were you get expert advice on what needs to be done. Why coaching works wonders is because of a fundamental belief that you are the master of your own life and no one else can offer advice on how to live your life than you.

Coaching works best for people who are committed to the decisions they make and are accountable to achieve their goals. They are determined to do so many things in life, but can’t seem to focus on what to do or how to go about it. Coaching brings in this clarity through meaningful conversations.

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