It’s not Easy,

For some people, everything comes so easy. Math for starters! I had to bury my head to walk out with decent grades.

I have had to work hard and struggle to get every small or big thing in life. From getting good grades to winning a prize to landing a job to finding love; from pregnancy to promotion to weight loss, nothing has come easy my way. I don’t know what being lucky means, because, for me, the definition of luck is “Minimum Input Maximum Output”. And for me, on the other hand, it’s always been, “Maximum input, Decent Output”

Clearly, I don’t consider myself lucky. Now there is a problem with this species. For them, results are proportional to hard work. Also, standards are so high that they feel no amount of hard work is good enough. No amount of preparation will make them feel confident. Their inner confidence depends on results and not inputs. If you ask them, how was the exam, they will reply “you will know when the results are out”!

Now, Let’s talk about opposites. The lucky ones. They take life as it comes. Since they consider themselves lucky, they are high on self-confidence most of the times. They have nothing to worry about, so they put in their best and leave it at that. If you ask them, how was the exam, they will reply “BINDAAS”!

Maybe luck favors those who don’t take them so seriously. Maybe luck favors those who believe “I’m lucky”. Maybe luck favors people who don’t overthink or overanalyze and take life as it comes. The more I think about it, it becomes obvious to me that luck is created and not granted.

If you are one who belongs to my species, Breathe, Smile and Relax. Don’t lose yourself under the pressure to perform and prove. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Lower your standards. Feel good about yourself. Build the confidence to deal with it, whatever it is, whenever it is. In short, Create your own luck!

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