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Best Life/ Career Coaching Services in Dubai, UAE


Need a Life coach / career coach in Dubai?

Transforming Minds aims to enrich your life’s journey with enjoyment by riding through a path of self-discovery, transforming and enabling you to achieve your dreams and goals.

Along the journey, you may encounter hurdles that appear immovable, routes that may be confusing, pressure of reaching the destination that may be worrying. Is there a way to reach your destination while making the journey enjoyable? Absolutely! 

Need to know more details about about the life coach/ career coach

Life & Career Coaching by Aina Raj

Executive Career Coach in Dubai, UAE

Welcome to Transforming Minds, the holistic coaching platform. I’m Aina Raj, ICF certified ACC life & career coach based in Dubai, UAE.

As an executive life coach, I help women and men to find more clarity and purpose in life, encourage positive thinking and manage negativity, and work on overall personal development to achieve happiness and fulfillment in life.

As a professional career coach, I empower ambitious individuals who feel stuck or confused in different phases of their career to choose and progress in a career path they are passionate about while finding a healthy balance between, life, relationships, work and social commitments.

The approach

Personal Life Coaching and Professional Career Coaching can’t be separated into two different boxes.. The reason being if you are not happy at work, it will effect on your family life and vice versa. So I choose a holistic approach to coach and empower my clients to achieve happiness, fulfillment and success.

Coaching programs are divided into three phases
  • Self-Discovery
  • Self-Reflection & Deep thinking
  • Goals & Execution

Each phase would be facilitated with the help of customized coaching tools, strategies and methodologies based of the need of the individual client.

Looking for the Best Career Coaching Service in Dubai?

Here is how Aina can help you

Aina is an Experienced and Expert Career Coach who has coached individuals from different walks of life by empowering them to discover their true inside calling by helping them overcome their limiting beliefs.

“I have realized that, what stops an individual to achieve his/her true potential is a set of self-limiting beliefs or established thought patterns that one has developed over the years. Constructive feedback that I get from my clients often is that, I help them break these thought patterns, open them up to a fresh perspective and new set of possibilities that would inspire and motivate them to go ahead and pursue their dreams.”- Aina Raj

So if your self-limiting beliefs is stopping you to take action and move forward, coaching can help you think with greater clarity, focus on priorities and take firm decisions with confidence and

Book a 30 minutes free consultation to know more about my packages and how we can work together.

Note: Transforming Minds is an inspiring initiative launched with the aim to inspire people to reach their true potential through coaching and personal development. Today through online and face to face consultation we offer different services like personal life coaching, career coaching, resume building, interview tips and techniques, effective communication and persuasion skills training and mindfulness and wellness workshops.

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