Life & Shah Rukh Khan:

So are you a Shah Rukh Khan fan? Well, it doesn’t matter, because this blog is not about him, but a lesson in life inspired by his career in Bollywood.

Shah Rukh Khan has been ruling the industry for the past 3 decades. Google tells me that the number of record hits/ superhits and blockbusters are almost the same as the number of flops he has given. Still, his remains as one of the biggest success stories in Bollywood may be the world.

With this build up, let me come to life’s lesson. Life will give you two choices, either to be perfect or to progress.

If you want to be perfect in whatever you do, there are high chances that you might burn out soon. You will use up all your energy focusing to be perfect, and that will leave you exhausted to pursue whatever is waiting for you ahead with the same enthusiasm and commitment you had earlier.

But if are inspired by Shah Rukh Khan, you have to strive to progress than be perfect. You should be prepared for flops, failures and setbacks. Yet Be resilient enough to pick yourselves up and move ahead and be fully ready to celebrate a blockbuster whenever it comes.

Things won’t always happen the way you want, but that should not stop you from trying new things, taking risks and moving forward. You should decide what is more important to you, 3 perfect blockbusters in 5 years and then vanishing or consistently delivering a mix of hits, superhits, blockbusters, flops and maybe even disasters but in a span next 30 years and existing in the living memory of many for years to come.

This is my little lesson inspired by the King Khan of Bollywood. Hope this makes sense to you. Please do like, comment and share this video.  Thank you and have a good day

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