Success Coaching

Client Story:

Linda who is in her early 30s is a highly qualified and talented individual who consistently seeks high performance, well-deserved recognition and overall success in career and happiness in personal life. In our discovery session she explained to me that her problem is that even though she is committed to her dreams and goals, she is unable to achieve success and happiness due to certain internal and external bottlenecks. At that time she was not sure what these bottlenecks were, nor how to eliminate them and move forward. She just knew that these hurdles were slowing down her pace and stopping her from reaching her true potential.

In our further interactions, she came up with numerous obstacles that she was unable to overcome. She felt overwhelmed and exhausted looking at the endless list of things to do and problems to be solved. In one of our sessions, I asked her “What does success mean to you?” “Assume we solve all your problems and completely strike off the list of things to do, what happens next?”

She paused and remained silent. She said she needed time to think. In our next session, she told me that she had always thought about success but not once about what success means to her. She told me it changed her perspective of thinking and made things so much easier. She could now aim for something greater and bigger.

Why Success Coaching?

Many people seek coaching to solve their life’s problems. Many have benefited as well. But I feel problems keep coming, its a way of life. Addressing career, relationship and other personal issues can give you short term relief. But if you keep solving them, you will miss out of the bigger goals and the larger purpose of your life. By the time you clear out all the chaos, you will be exhausted with no energy left to even think about long term success and lasting happiness.

Success Coaching brings a paradigm shift in your perspective. From a microscopic view of problems to be solved to a helicopter view of the bigger picture, it has the power to change the way you approach life. You will be able to see wide and far, ignore whatever is minute and focus on what stands out.

It empowers you with greater clarity on priorities, shift in focus to what really matters leaving you with ample energy, time and motivation to think beyond and achieve greater success and happiness in life.

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Success Coaching Benefits

Clarity on Vision for Life

Action Plan to achieve goals

Greater sense of purpose

Focus on priorities

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